Instructional Design for Foreign Language Teachers


Participants will be sent the readings, documents and videos related to the course content.


This course aims to provide the participant teachers with the basic knowledge and skills required for an effective, efficient and systematic instructional design process. 


The course will present various aspects of Instructional Design through experiential training. The methodological approach of this course includes ice-breaking activities, group debates, hands-on design activities etc.


In this course, language teachers will gain experience in designing and using effective teaching materials while acquiring the knowledge and skills required to take advantage of Online teaching and learning, one of the fastest growing trends in education.

Follow Up

Course Evaluation Form & Feedback and Discussion Sessions At the end of the course the participants will fill in a form in order to get a detailed feedback for the effectiveness of the training.


Day 1:
Introduction to Instructional Design and Fundamentals
Modes of Instructional Design: Course Design

Day 2:
Multimedia Principles and Material Development in Instructional Design

Day 3:
Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 Tools for Teachers and Students: PPP

Day 4:
Gamification (Oyunlaştırma), Game-based Learning (Oyun tabanlı Öğrenme), Extended Reality in Multimedia (Genişletilmiş Gerçeklik)

Day 5:
Assessment and Evaluation in Instructional Design (Öğretim Tasarımında Ölçme & Değerlendirme)
Reflection and Discussion
Wrap-up / Qs&As

Course Centers: Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa Continuing Education Center- IUC-SEM