Using Web-2 Devices in Classrooms


The course provider sends the necessary information regarding the course materials to the beneficiary school. After the detailed information about accommodation, transportation and eating and drinking of the visiting teachers is sent to the schools, a preliminary information is given to the leading teachers about the content of the course.


Web 2.0 tools are technology tools that enable teachers and students to create, collaborate, organize, and share user-generated online content at the same time. Using technology in your classroom will increase your students' motivation and learning abilities, and will provide you with many benefits in achieving your targeted results and will make your job easier. With our web 2.0 course we offer you, even our most basic teachers will be able to integrate technology into their teaching methodologies by improving their ability to use web 2.0 tools. Using Web 2.0 applications, the teacher brings vitality to the classroom thanks to the different activities, programs and products he brings to the classroom. Teachers using Web 2.0 applications increase the variety of evaluation, use product-oriented evaluation methods as an alternative to standard evaluation, use more up-to-date and functional contents in his lessons, and thanks to the variety of Web 2.0 tools, the teacher becomes free in time and space. In this case, it enables the teacher to give more information in a shorter time and to use this time in different activities by minimizing the loss of time in the evaluation phase.


Warm Up-Ice Breaking Activities
Questıon - Answer Technıque
Problem-Solvıng Technıque
Braın Storm Technıque (Osborn)
Role Playıng
Drama Improvısatıon
Statıon Technıque
Mıcro Teachıng
Jıgsaw Technıque
Group Discussions;
Case Studies
Problem Based Learning
Concept Mapping


•  Learn the examples of Web-2 tools
•  Understand how web-2 can be used in classrooms
•  Learn how to develop a virtual learning environment to improve the students learning
•  Learn how to increases the students' motivation to take an active part in the learning environment while using web-2 devices in lessons.
•  Understand how to develop / adopt of best practice in teaching and learning with web 2.0 devices
•  Learn how to overcome learning problems of students by using web-2 devies in lessons
•  Share the best practices with collegues

Follow Up

After the course, all trainees will be given copies of all course materials that can be shared with their colleagues in their institutions within the scope of dissemination activities. In addition, a self-assessment form will be provided to enable trainees to learn on their own. At the end of the course, participants will fill out an evaluation form regarding the content of the training.


•  Activities: all courses include at least one guided city tour and one full-day excursion (usually on Saturday).

•  Certificate: all our courses guarantee a Certificate of Attendance if 80% of the lessons will be attended.

•  Lessons: classes take place in the Morning (9:00 – 13:45) 

•  Platform: participants will have free access to our e-learning platform.